The Art Bridge receives 80% of its funding from individual donations, with remaining contributions coming from corporations and private and public foundations. Modest fees charged for services make up the rest of the funding.

With our services, contributors can transform stocks, bonds, real estate, art work, equipment, and cash into programs and resources designed to help dedicated artists bring their meaningful work to the public.

The Art Bridge Association is a 501c3 organization. Should you wish to be one of our angel contributors propelling us forward in our mission to bring the craft of the well-told story to the public, your donation will be fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Art, in its most responsible form, propels us to go beyond ourselves, to learn and to grow and to connect to our brothers around us with a heightened awareness.

Your contributions are gratefully received on behalf of the artists you will support who pursuing these goals. Thank you very much. It's important.

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